Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yogurt Shop Murders: link to PDFs of writ filed by Springsteen's attorney yesterday

Here's the link to Springsteen attorney Joe James Sawyer's writ, posted by Austin Chronicle's Jordan Smith in the article about the re-testing of Amy Ayers' DNA--a test yielding a DNA profile of an unknown male.


Anonymous said...

The writ says that Springsteen's DOB is in late November 1973 which made him 17 at the time of the crime on December 6, 1991 and thus now ineligible for the death penalty. Am I totally doing the math wrong? By my count he comes up as having JUST TURNED 18 before the date of the crime. Help?

Anonymous said...

Hi Neleh,

You are correct that Springsteen is no longer "eligible" for the death penatly. He was originally convicted and sentenced to death in 2001 but his sentence was commuted to life in prison in 2005 due to his age at the time of the murders in 1991. When he goes back to trial this year, his max sentence will be life in prison.