Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two minor usage rants

The word is “disconcerting”, not “disconcearning”, and the word is “height”, not “heighth”. It really only makes me crazy when I hear these come out of the mouths of people on television who ought to know better. Sigh. Okay, I feel better now.


TexasDeb said...

Ha ha - who were you listening to on TV? George Bush? Oh wait - he probably does NOT know better.

I support your outrage, having a personal list of usage errors that typically provoke rant(s).

Sloppy language reflects sloppy thinking, yeah? Yeah.

DWmS said...

Nobody ever said "disconerning." Not possible I just won't believe it.

Iris said...

I've heard "heighth" many times & am not as shocked at that one, but but I am shocked how many times I've heard "disconcerning" from various "experts" and other talking heads.

Specifically, while listening to live coverage of an arson/murder trial taking place in Massachusetts on TruTV (formerly Court TV) this week, I heard Essex Assistant District Attorney Marcia Slingerland utter that D word.

Fortunately for her, the jury was not present.