Saturday, May 23, 2009

My tiny tropical paradise

I usually rely on drought-tolerant natives and adapted natives, but I couldn’t resist creating this little back yard bed of cool flowers, with which I have no experience. They just seem so tropical—ahhhh….

Peter Pan Blue Agapanthus (dwarf Lily of the Nile)

Scutellaria hybrid Purple Fountain (can't find its common name)


NellJean said...

On Thursday when we went to Tallahassee, FL, Agapanthus was everywhere! Long beds of it along an industrial park, even beds of it at Sam's Club. It is truly beautiful. Mine are reluctant bloomers, maybe next year they'll take off.

I'm not familiar with Scutellaria, but it looks pretty in your bed.

Iris said...

Now I'm noticing lots more Agapanthus all over town here, too!

Even if it only blooms for a few weeks, I'll be happy and just hope for the best in terms of future blooms.

I can find precious little online about this Scutellaria, so I'm just enjoying it for now!

Neleh said...

I believe the common name for scutellaria purple fountain is "Neleh's most perfect plant find ever".

Lancashire rose said...

I think Agapanthus is tropical. Let's keep the mild winters coming so we can enjoy it some more. I love the skull cap. Must look for one like that. Of the heart leaf variety I would guess.

Anonymous said...

Iris, my agapanthus, which has bloomed every year for five years now, isn't blooming this year! Not a single bud stalk emerging. Do you have any suggestions or reasons for me? Yours are gorgeous. There are some at The Domain that are outstanding, if you ever drive that far north (I don't very often, though I was in quest of a sale over the holiday weekend).

TexasDeb said...

Wow- I have agapanthus envy.

I love agapanthus from when we lived in California. They do SO well there and appreciate the middling temps. The ones showing up around here have been modified for heat tolerance I believe. I bought a handful to put out front - they were touted as deer resistant but...Stupid deer keep forgetting to go online and read the list I guess. Munched the bunch down to the ground. I'll just enjoy yours, instead. Thanks for sharing!

NellJean said...

I'm now familiar with Scutellaria. We went to Alabama today, and I found Scutellaria 'Cherry' which is actually bright orange (a color I always need). I think it might be properly identified as Scutellaria costaricana. It has crinkly leaves and the blossoms are just marvelous. Thanks for suggesting this plant.

I found other things, but the Scutellaria is the most exotic, with Duranta in second place.

Iris said...

While I give you ALL the credit for discovering the scutellaria purple fountain--look how many people are loving it?--I think your proposed name's too long. How 'bout "Neleh's Obsession"?

Lancashire Rose,
I'm hoping we get to enjoy the Agapanthus for quite awhile, too.

I have to 'fess up: I just bought those Agapanthus last week (my first ever), and they were already blooming at the nursery.

I'm so sorry about the deer!

Thanks for spotting the Scutellaria costaricana. I looked it up and am convinced it's related to my purple one. I think it's going to want more water than I'm used to giving, but it will be worth it!

Neleh said...

Are your "Neleh's Obsession" plants (great name!) requiring quite a bit of water so far? Two out of three of mine seem to be rather thirsty. Just wondering if you were finding the same.

Iris said...


Yep--mine have seemed quite thirsty! I'm not totally indulging them at this point, because I think a little stress shouldn't really hurt them and perhaps will end up making them hardier.