Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crispy garden bloggers’ bloom day

This coneflower reflects how we’re feeling here in Austin after 28 days of triple-digit heat (12 of which were record breakers) and continued exceptional drought. My 65-year-old trees and veggie garden get my highest priority for supplemental watering, so I don’t have much to show this month. Only my hardiest xeric plants have managed to bloom a little. I’ll definitely be looking at other bloggers’ blooms on Carol’s May Dreams Gardens blog!

gulf fritillary on verbena

spider lily (Hymenocallis "Tropical Giant")

island of purple ruellia

smaller island of white ruellia


Texas silverado sage (cenizo)

rock rose (Pavonia lasiopetala)

cucumber flowers (Japanese soyu)

Also blooming (limping along) now are lantana, turk's cap, society garlic, Mexican bush sage, oxalis, gaura, and torenia.


Linda/Central Texas Gardener said...

It's always fun to see what hangs on when we've had such long, brutal weather. Your garden is lovely! Now I want to get 'Tropical Giant.' This year I got 'Sulphur Queen,' which already bloomed, but it's another luscious self-sufficient hymenocallis.

TexasDeb said...

Those spider blooms are quite something. I didn't even think about GBBD this month although I keep "meaning to" post. My coneflowers are similarly crisped on the edges - I am relieved to see that IS the heat and not me doing something wrong.

Imagine how surprised all these hardy plants will be if we actually get an El Nino set up with loads of rain this winter. Surprised and grateful too I imagine.

I covet your white ruellia. I have loads of pink a few purple but no white. Just something about white flowers on a toasty hot day... Thanks for sharing your garden with us.

Iris said...

Thank you, Linda! I'm going to look up your Sulphur Queen. I didn't even know until a week ago what my Tropical Giant was, and now I'm eager to find out more about this sturdy hymenocallis.

I'll be happy to give you some of my white ruellia, and I've ALWAYS got plenty of the purple to share.

My other potted coneflowers have brown petals, too. Poor things. I just go ahead and give them some water and hope they'll hang on until it's a little cooler.

Lancashire rose said...

Gorgeous shot of the butterfly. SOme flowers fare well in the heat and you have them.

Caroline said...

Iris, my coneflowers look just like yours! They looked a lot better before I chopped back the flame acanthus, which was providing some (apparently) much needed shade. Your spider irises are amazing.

Pam/Digging said...

Nice butterfly picture! Also, it's heartening to see the cenizos blooming around town. Will they accurately predict rain this time?

Annie in Austin said...

Plumbago is amazing, isn't it, Iris? That color is so welcome at this time. And nice catch for the fritillary1

On the one hand keeping a 65-year old tree alive sounds both imperative and difficult, but on the other hand, anything that old had to have lived through the horrible drought years in the early 1950's. Sure hope we aren't put to that test again.

Wishing you rain,

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

NellJean said...

I cut all my echinacea to the ground, save maybe one or two. I can't stand when plants get crispy. This year is so different from last, here. We are finally getting rain after a dry June.

My purple ruellia is sullen and refuses to bloom. The red ruellia is nice in my patch.

Butterflies are starting to show up here, appreciative of zinnias, lantana and pentas.

~~Rhonda said...

Poor cone flowers. If you cut them back, and they get some rain soon, they will probably rebloom. The buttrefly is beautiful! Hoping you see better weather soon! ~~Rhonda

Dreamybee said...

Thanks for visiting my blog; I'm afraid it's taken me this long to get around to visiting everybody.

We do indeed have some of the same things growing-in addition to lantana and Texas sage, I've also got a blue plumbago. Your Texas sage is putting on a much better show than mine though. I just saw some spider lilies like yours in a garden in Thailand-very exotic!

Sue said...

I love the chartreuse window frames and the striped awnings. It looks great! Also, the flowers are pretty. ;)