Wednesday, June 23, 2010

last Portugal post: graffiti and food

We're back home from our Lisbon trip, but it's too hot to do a proper home garden assessment right now. Maybe after I catch up on watering, I'll feel more like taking pictures. But not today. So here's the last of Lisbon. 
In the apartment we made our own salads and ate them with tasty Portuguese sheep cheese and white wines.

really big bottle tree outside the modern art museum

Most of the traditional Portuguese restaurants automatically served these little tins of sardine pate and bread.
After eating out and tiring of cod and potatoes, we made black beans and guacamole and tomato rice.
grouper with mushroom cream sauce and potatoes at a restaurant in Belem

fried fish--forgot which kind--with tomato rice at the same Belem restaurant

blogger refused to post this guy right side up


Annie in Austin said...

Oh no! Food porn! The grouper in mushrooms sounds great but it's fun to know you had to cook some TX stuff, too.

I've been saving green bottles in case we ever get around to making a tree - seeing what was done at the museum is not so much inspiring as intimidating.

I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip, Iris - wish ATX had produced nicer weather to welcome you home.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

PS Was the photo taken with the 590? On ours, Philo found an auto-rotation setting inside menu that he disabled. So far have had no more sideways photos.

Iris said...

Hi Annie!
Yes, all the photos were taken with the 590. I'll check out that auto-rotation feature--thanks. It was weird because I rotated that photo on the computer when I cropped it, then uploaded it to blogger. Oh well.

Annie in Austin said...

Think it is some kind of facial-recognition software that recognizes flowers as faces and corrects the photos so the petal-people will stand upright.
Good luck!


Kathleen Scott said...

Iris, I'm so glad you posted your Lisbon pictures. Nothing is as much fun as exploring.

Iris said...

Hi Kathleen--
Thanks! I hope you enjoyed a little virtual exploring.

Elissa said...

Well Miss Iris, you didn't tell me how beautiful Lisbon was. Your pictures look great! I have enjoyed reading your blog and it has inspired me to start writing my own.

I read some of the Laura Hall case and the quotes you told me about, I am excited about going to court on Tuesday! I will see you soon.

Take care,

Iris said...

Hi Elissa--

Thank you--what a nice compliment! Yes, Lisbon IS beautiful. Will email you with more court info for Tuesday morning.

Elissa said...

How exciting! I am looking forward to this new and interesting experience. It will be so odd to see her in person, can't wait!

TexasDeb said...

Wow - I am suddenly so hungry.... That has to be the most spectacular bottle tree I've ever seen - thank you so much for sharing your shots from Portugal. I'll second the apology for the all too typical Austin weather to welcome you home.

Glad you had a wonderful time and happy to have you back!

Iris said...

Hi Deb--

You are welcome. I'm so glad you enjoyed the Lisbon pics. There were two of those huge bottle trees at that museum!

Happy to be home after a great trip to such a lovely city but not happy to face this heat, although I knew it was coming. Back to dragging the hoses around--ugh.