Thursday, September 16, 2010

late garden bloggers' bloom day

white gaura

I don't really have a good excuse for being a day late for the bloom day party, but I do have lots of blooms to show, thanks to the recent heavy rains from tropical storm Hermine last week. Make sure to check out other garden bloggers' blooms at Carol's May Dreams Gardens. Thanks for hosting, Carol!

leadwort plumbago
my huge plumbago
appeared out of nowhere, Scarlet spiderling (Boerhaavia coccinea) Thanks to MSS for the I.D.
indigo spires salvia finally makes an appearance
first-ever green bean (Contender) flowers
exploding trailing lantana with some white verbena in the back
society garlic
sparkly white ruellia
I cheated and took this photo of my waning oxblood lilies two days ago.


Annie in Austin said...

Hi Iris - looks like the rain refreshed your garden without pummeling it! I've never seen the interesting Scarlet spiderling around here. Hope your beanblossoms step up and become Beans ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Iris said...

Annie--Most of my tiny beet seedlings got pummeled, but everything else seems to have greatly benefited from the rain--yippee! It's the first time I've seen the Scarlet spiderling here, too. And thanks: fingers crossed for beans!

Caroline said...

WOW! Your trailing lantana really has exploded. I hope your beans do well; I think I planted mine too late to really get going, and I didn't have a single spring bean.

LindaCTG said...

I'd never heard of the spiderling until these blogs. Must check that out. Terrific garden you have, but I'm really really darned impressed on how you got your vegetables started in the heat! And must say, every day is a happy one for us to see our cat/bunny/dog on a chair painting. Since we lost Spencer-cat, it's become even more meaningful. We thank you forever.

Iris said...

Caroline--I'm seeing quite a few bean blooms but no actual beans yet. Hmmm.

Linda--It makes me really happy y'all like the painting so much. I'm excited about the vegetables. Headed out right now to spritz the newly seeded lettuces!

Lancashire rose said...

I saw the spiderling flowering along the town lake trail. I have never seen it before. Small but pretty but masses of it. You made me get going with my veg. but they are getting too much rain and not enough sun.

TexasDeb said...

You may have been late posting but I am REALLY late commenting. That spiderling is adorable. Do you think birds planted that? I'll be interested to see if it naturalizes in your spaces (thusly making it possible to beg for seeds or starts...).

You must be SO congratulating yourself for your early start on the cooler weather garden. I'm way behind the 8 ball again this year but hoping for late summer veggies as my reward for sprained ankle slothiness!

katina said...

Oh right, I need to figure out how/when to plant the guara seeds...Thanks for reminding me!

Iris said...

Lancashire rose--Some of my seedlings got beaten down by Hermine. I sowed more carrot seeds this morning. Hope yours perk up!

Deb--I have no idea how that spiderling got there, but I know it's a Texas native. And of course, you may have some. You've got a good excuse for being behind on your vegetables! Glad you're on the mend.

Katina--Did you find out if now is the right time to plant gaura seeds? My existing ones I bought from a nursery a coupla years ago--never tried from seed.

Annie in Austin said...

I've never planted guara seeds, Iris & Katina, but after I bought a couple of plants years ago, they planted themselves all over, both the white and the rose.
The seedlings seemed to appear at different times of the year so can't advise on a time - just that they obviously want to grow!


ConsciousGardener said...

Late but lovely! Everything is going wild...I don't have blossoms on my beans yet, I might have planted them a bit late;-) Love the spiderling...that's a new one for me!

Kathleen Scott said...

There's no cheating in flower pictures, they're pretty whenever we see them. My oxblood lillies faded a couple of weeks ago, I loved seeing yours.

We have a lot of plants in common and it's fun to see how they're doing in your landscape.