Monday, February 28, 2011

adding by subtracting

Since that last freeze didn't kill our huge front sidewalk agave, husband Kurt removed it this weekend. Be still my heart! That agave was just too big and drew too much attention away from some of the other cool spiky plants.
today: balance somewhat restored
last Friday: monster agave with pups hogging all the attention
phase one of removal process
agave carcass in the back yard
tiny pup transplanted to huge agave's previous spot with new blackfoot daisies
I'm hoping those blackfoot daisies will fill in around the three agaves, but I may need to add a couple more. And if I end up missing the big agave, I've got another patch of the same agaves now crowding each other and the corner streetlight.


Anonymous said...

Hooray! I'll bet those pups and BF daisies will fill in so quickly this summer, you won't miss it at all. And when are you going to be hosting a "Go Go" event so we can all see your garden?

Iris said...

getgrounded--It IS a big relief! Will check the Go Go calendar...

Kathleen Scott said...

What a job! The blackfoot daisies will be beautiful until the pup gets a little size.

Iris said...

Kathleen--Thanks! I mean, I'll pass along the praise to my husband. Can't wait for the BF daisies to fill in.

Lancashire rose said...

I think I might have been there to rescue it. Last year my neighbor took out loads of agaves and we were there with wheelbarrow to collect them up. I'm such a saver. Still, they can get a bit obnoxious when they get so big. Hope your blackfoot daisies like being in the spotlight.