Thursday, May 19, 2011

better bloggers' bloom day

Vitex tree
Yep, I'm four days late posting for garden bloggers' bloom day, but I did shoot these photos on the 15th. Carol at May Dreams Gardens invites bloggers to share what's blooming in their gardens on the 15th of each month, so make sure to check her blog to see blooms from all over the place.
I thought these balloon flowers were annuals, but these came back from last spring!
gray santolina
returning Mexican bush sage with new salvias and "silver dragon" liriopes  planted  in the huge old rosemary's spot
old faithful plumbago
another old faithful, Turks Cap
I think this is a hybrid annual salvia. Such an unusual color.
ornamental black pearl pepper and lobelia
Clearly this packet of mixed-color zinnia seeds was mislabeled, because I'm not a pink zinnia person.
Also blooming now are purple and white ruellia, bougainvillea, white gaura, leadwort plumbago, verbena, zexmenia, torenia, blackfoot daisies, and society garlic.


Annie in Austin said...

Beautiful bloom day, Iris - are the new salvias in the rosemary spot white Hummingbird sage?

This May really points up how much earlier things flower in central Austin compared to far NW Austin. Although we both grow vitex, Mexican bush sage, balloon flowers, plumbago & red Turks Cap,my plumbago just started blooming and the others have buds but no flowers.

Balloon flowers can live for years if they're in the right spot. A couple of my plants came from IL in 1999 and are still alive. But some balloon flowers bought since 2004 bloomed for a couple of years then disappeared. I hope yours are the kind that stay!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Iris said...

Thanks, Annie! The new white salvias are salvia coccinea "Snow Nymph". I think this is my first time trying them.

It is interesting how many different microclimates we have in Austin! Thanks for the balloon flower info. Mine must be in the right spot in the vegetable garden!

LindaCTG said...

That is amazing! We're not that far from each other but I didn't have this kind of display for bloom day. Love that purple salvia. And I do love my Snow Nymphs from last year but this time I got the coral and white ones just to do something different. Love them all! And so great to see you today!!

Iris said...

Great to see you today, too! That maroon-purple salvia is one of my favorites right now. I originally planted a few in the ground in full sun and they were miserable. So, they're now all in pots in part sun and seem happier.