Friday, July 15, 2011

another crispy garden bloggers' bloom day

zinnia from mislabeled seed packet
I really meant to post something between bloom days, but 32 days of triple digit heat have somewhat fried my motivation and creativity. Please escape Texas' heat and visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens to see less dusty gardeners' blooms.
I shot this four days ago: my beloved rugged spider lily, hymenocallis 'tropical giant'
Evolvulus glomeratus 'blue daze' with blackfoot daisies in the vegetable garden.
Trailing verbena loves full sun but still needs a little bit of water in this weather.
some kind of Gerber daisy--forgot to save the tag
Armenian cucumber flower
Also hanging in there today are the following blooms: white gaura, blue plumbago, white trailing verbena, white and purple verbena, various raggedy salvias, bog sage, potted white bougainvillea, leadwort plumbago, turks cap, potted torenia, and society garlic. Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!


NotSoAngryRedHead said...

I really like the combination of Evolvulus glomeratus and blackfoot daisy. White and a touch of yellow and blue. Great color combo!

LindaCTG said...

Pretty pretty for a crispy GBBD!

Iris said...

NotSoAngryRedHead--That pretty blue/white/yellow combo was a happy accident!


SomeLikeItHot said...

I agree with Linda. The garden doesn't look crispy at all :)

I love the spider lily. I had a few in my previous house and have missed them. I'm glad to know they can handle the drought.

Beyond My Garden said...

You have plenty of blooms but I agree, I miss some of my own because I don't want to sweat while mosquitoes slurp their supper from my arm.

Kathleen Scott said...

Somehow bloom day has fallen off my radar. Nice to see yours & be reminded.

Hope you got rain last week when the front moved through. Nothing here but I'm grateful for every drop that falls above the aquifer.

Lovely blooms. Armenian cucumbers? Are you preparing to seed your fall garden at the beginning of August? I remember your hand-misting the seedlings in the last epic drought.

Iris said...

SomeLikeItHot--The spider lily blooms don't last very long, but like their strappy green leaves, too.

Nellie--I'm giving up on a few annuals now because it's just too hot and seems like a waste of water.

Kathleen--We got a few minutes of real rain last week, so at least I remember what it looks like. I got the Armenian cuke seedlings at a plant swap and didn't know what to expect. They're technically a member of the melon family, I'm told. Tyey're juicy, sweet, and thin-skinned--great! I don't think I can handle seeding my fall garden until early September, but we'll see...