Saturday, September 17, 2011

garden bloggers' bloom day, late again

Blackfoot Daisies
We finally have a 30 percent chance of rain today, but I'm not holding my breath. That it's only 90 degrees at 1 p.m. is a breath of fresh air, however! Austin has had 85 days of triple-digit heat this year, record-breaking. Mind-numbing. And continued exceptional drought and hideous wildfires. So please forgive my tardy post and lack of botanical names in today's post. Check out other garden bloggers' blooms at May Dreams Gardens.

Thank goodness the Oxblood lilies returned, even if they're a bit puney.

I forgot what kind of salvia this is. Uhm, a white one.

Cheery potted Gerber daisy

Rain (??) lilies from Annie at The Transplantable Rose

Also blooming are Turks Cap, plumbago, leadwort plumbago, white gaura, blue daze, torenia, purple and white ruellia, and rock rose.


Caroline said...

Oxblood lilies, hooray! A sure sign that fall is near. Are your blackfoot daisies on drip irrigation? Mine are, and they look terrible; I'm wondering if they're getting too much water.

Iris said...

Hi Caroline! My blackfoot daisies get once a week sprinkling and a little hand watering when they look desperate. They're in all day full sun.

Anonymous said...

Your salvia looks like a white tropical sage, salvia coccinea.

-Matt in Austin

Iris said...

Matt--Thanks! Salvia coccinea rings a bell now.

Lancashire rose said...

Those pink rain lilies are adorable- or should we call them drought lilies. I think they are more likely responding to a breath of cooler air, don't you.

Iris said...

Lancashire rose--I guess that's what the rain lilies are responding to, because it sure isn't rain! They're very sweet.