Sunday, April 15, 2012

garden bloggers' bloom day

first homegrown Poppy "Hungarian Blue" 

I can't remember a prettier bloom day than what's happening in my yard today. Carol at May Dreams Gardens hosts bloom day, so make sure to check out what's blooming in other gardeners' worlds.

first homegrown Bachelor's Buttons "Black Magic" in foreground with Prairie Verbena and Blackfoot Daisies

Larkspur from MSS of Zanthan Gardens

Prairie Verbena has really spread: here it's mixed in with the larkspur.

Gaura's blooming early this year, as are some other perennials, presumably because of our mild, wet winter?

Gregg's Mistflower 

Hmm--can't remember which salvia this is.

Usually the Byzantine Gladiolas are in full bloom now, but they were early this year and are almost spent.

Also blooming are purple and white Ruellia, blue Plumbago (early!), Turk's Cap, Nasturtium, and various salvias. Happy bloom day.


Lee17 said...

I'm in love with the hungarian blue poppy! Just gorgeous. I'm putting that one on my wish list. :)

Happy bloom day!

Robin at Getting Grounded said...

Gorgeous purples! Love love love those poppies, save some seeds...hint, hint. My Byzantine glads just started a few days ago, but they aren't as old as yours. And Black Magic bachelor buttons? Don't know those, but looks like I should. Awesome.

katina said...

I get the feeling that you really like purple flowers. ;)

I agree with Lee - I like the Hungarian Poppy. I should send a link to my cousin's husband since he's from Hungary. He'll probably tell me something crazy like it's a weed.

Cat said...

Wow, Iris! Your May garden is gorgeous! You're gonna have to do the go-go soon ;)

Carla said...

Pretty, and my favorite colors, think I'll have to look for some seeds:)