Friday, June 15, 2012

garden bloggers' bloom day

Previously undiscovered daylily

I was too lazy to post last month. Check out blooms from all over the place at May Dreams Gardens. We Austinites are now entering the it's-never-going-to-rain-here-again days, which combined with highs in the mid to upper nineties, makes me a little grumpy. But at least we've only had one triple-digit (101) day so far. And who could stay grumpy for very long with these cheery daylilies. Although they were probably planted more than 30 years ago, I somehow missed them because they were squished between fences, but husband Kurt recently took down the old chainlink and weeded that area. They appeared within a few days.

Forsythia Sage (salvia madrensis) passalong from Renee Studebaker

When Renee gave me some of her Forsythia Sage a year and a half ago, it was less than a foot tall. Now it's close to six feet. It's fairly drought-tolerant, but this week I've had to water it. It's quite melodramatic when it needs more water, very droopy. 

Bee Balm passalong from Daphne Richards

This is my first experience with Bee Balm, but I really like it so far, especially because it seems to need little water and keeps putting on blooms.

Three-year-old Skullcap resurrected itself.

First spring bloom on the very tough seven-year-old miniature rose, "Red Cascade"

The last of the lovely larkspur, whose seeds were given to me by MSS at Zanthan Gardens

And finally, the Society Garlic planted at the edge of the vegetable garden is getting enough water to bloom.

Also blooming now are Blue Plumbago, Turk's Cap, purple and white trailing Verbena, purple and white Lantana, purple and white Ruellia, and white Gaura. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

garden bloggers' bloom day

first homegrown Poppy "Hungarian Blue" 

I can't remember a prettier bloom day than what's happening in my yard today. Carol at May Dreams Gardens hosts bloom day, so make sure to check out what's blooming in other gardeners' worlds.

first homegrown Bachelor's Buttons "Black Magic" in foreground with Prairie Verbena and Blackfoot Daisies

Larkspur from MSS of Zanthan Gardens

Prairie Verbena has really spread: here it's mixed in with the larkspur.

Gaura's blooming early this year, as are some other perennials, presumably because of our mild, wet winter?

Gregg's Mistflower 

Hmm--can't remember which salvia this is.

Usually the Byzantine Gladiolas are in full bloom now, but they were early this year and are almost spent.

Also blooming are purple and white Ruellia, blue Plumbago (early!), Turk's Cap, Nasturtium, and various salvias. Happy bloom day.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

garden bloggers' bloom day

Grape hyacinth--so delicate--planted long ago by a previous homeowner.

Wow. What a difference a mild winter and decent rainfall make in my attitude towards my gardens and my gardens' rejuvenation. So thrilled to see thriving plants all over our yard, I even left the weeds alone to do their thing, something I'm sure I'll regret. But after last year's historic drought, I just couldn't bring myself to care about yanking out weeds.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens invites garden bloggers from all over to share their blooms on the 15th of each month for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Make sure to visit her blog to see more blooms. 

young Mexican Plum tree 
I can't get enough of these Mexican Plum blooms. They remind me of my grandparents' photos of Japan in the 1940s. Exquisite.

Heirloom broccoli has bolted into airy wisps that attract beneficial insects.

My first-ever iris: thanks to Annie at The Transplantable Rose for passing it along!

Verbena and Blackfoot Daisies from a few years ago have now spread like crazy.

I thought this silver bush germander was dead last October. Shows what I know.

Crazy volunteer tomato--appears to be an heirloom?--is blooming far away from last year's tomatoes.

Happy bloom day.