Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm transforming the winter veggie garden

into a spring/summer herb garden. We ate the last little broccoli second-efforts and tossed the big cauliflower leaves in the compost. In their place, I planted a few small sweet basil plants (top right by the lettuce), cilantro (bottom left), and Greek oregano (bottom right.) I planted seeds of each herb around the plants themselves plus some Genovese basil seeds along with the sweet basil seeds. Inspired by this new experience of sowing seeds, I also planted some spinach seeds in the new spring bed. This is my first try ever growing anything from seed and it seems so strange that anything edible could emerge from such tiny dry morsels.


Anonymous said...

Spinach is a winter crop!


Iris said...

Hi Sharon,

Right, but this is some variety called New Zealand spinach, recommended by our local organic gardening guru, John Dromgoole:

So, we'll see if it really works?