Sunday, June 15, 2008

Heat be damned: garden bloggers' June bloom day

Sunny front yard bloomies:

white ruellia

indigo spires salvia

leadwort plumbago





pink skullcap

society garlic

Texas purple sage

purple ruellia

Shadier back yard garden bloomies:

turks cap

little porter tomato

I think this is a teenaged leaf-footed stinkbug on a society garlic within two feet of my tomato plants, so Kurt knocked him off and stomped him.


Annie in Austin said...

You have a lot in bloom, Iris - I've never seen white ruellia before - does it reseed and spread like the pink and blue kinds?

And how appropriate that your society garlic is blooming! Mine makes nice leaves so I won't complain if no flower stalks appear.

Good job on the leaf-footed stink bug! I hope you get a few tomatoes from your plant. Like Jenny, we usually grow at least one 'Juliet' and a 'Celebrity' tomato plant each year. We try other kinds with varying success, but depend on Celebrity and Juliet for salads.

Happy Blooming Day!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Iris said...

Thanks, Annie!

The white ruellia doesn't seem to spread like the purple. A neighbor gave me a few cuttings of the white variety over a year ago and they've happily stayed in place.

My front yard (super sunny) society garlic is barely blooming, but I agree that their leaves are pretty enough on their own!

Thanks for all your help! (Damn leaf-footed stink bugs.) And happy blooming day to you, too!

Pam/Digging said...

You've caught your Texas sage in bloom? Where's the rain that's supposed to trigger its flowering? :-)

Lancashire rose said...

How did you get your Texas sage to flower with not a drop of rain in sight? I fancy some of that white ruellia too-at the moment anything that blooms is welcome in my garden. Get rid if that leaf footed bug or you'll be sorry.

Iris said...

My Texas sage does seem to be a rebel! I gave its neighboring indigo spires some water recently, so maybe that was enough to encourage the sage to bloom?

The stinkbug is history.

Carol said...

So that's what the dreaded leaf-footed stink bug looks like. Sounds like Public Enemy No. 1 in the Austin tomato patches.

Your garden has lots of bloom, indeed, Heat be damned!

Thanks for joining in for bloom day,

Carol, May Dreams Gardens