Sunday, June 29, 2008

Window boxes everywhere

We're finished driving around and are in Paris now, so I see the ubiquitous window-box plantings all over the place, usually red or pink flowers that appear to be in the geranium or begonia family. Occasionally a balcony is big enough for some potted trees or shrubs, too.

So I was quite pleasantly surprised to find this rebellious plumbago, which appears to be exactly the same type we have in Austin (including in our yard), occupying a central Paris window-box all by itself.


Neleh said...

Your plumbago and all it's buddies in the yard are getting a drink right now my friend because IT IS RAINING IN AUSTIN!!!! YEE HAW! It started around 8:30pm tonight, and has been off and on lightly ever since (2 hrs). Happy even-number watering day!

Annie in Austin said...

We got some rain in NW Austin, too ;-]

The plumbago looks lovely used in that window box, Iris.
We were in Hawaii a few years ago and were surprised to see it used as hedges, kept squared-up and 4-feet tall by professional landscapers bearing power hedge-clippers. It still bloomed but didn't have that graceful spray of branches.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose