Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 61 house progress

All the carpentry is finished and all the priming (including scraping, sanding, spackling, and caulking) is done! The painters will return Tuesday, so we’ll see if it’s finally time for some color. There’s no way this whole project will be finished this year, but maybe we can hope for the second week of January?

All columns are now straight. Husband Kurt is going to repair the original metal porch roof himself and add the proper flashing. Painters haven't primed the doors, so the old green and red with the white primer combination comes across as Christmas-ey. Sort of.

Column caps

Column feet

Back door last extra trim detail

Even the crawl space door got some help.



Anonymous said...

Iris, I thought of you today. After Christmas lunch at Threadgill's, we drove through the wonderful Bouldin Creek neighborhood to look at architecture. I saw two gorgeous purple houses! One dark purple, and one lighter gray/purple, more similar to what you are doing. The gray/purple had an olive trim; looked really nice. Are you excited about your upcoming color at last?

Iris said...

Hi Robin,

I'm excited but getting a little anxious. I dreamed about it last night: maybe the house should be chartreuse w/ivory trim and black window sashes and no purple? No, that would be too slick for this house. Creative worrying...

Anonymous said...

Iris, what if you painted the small area of siding by your front porch first, to see if you would like the house being that color? That's not a large area to repaint if you don't like it. It's a big decision, I know, and you are stepping outside the box. It's easy for us to encourage you, we aren't the ones making the decision!

renee said...

Hello Iris, I think purple is a fine color for a gardener's house. I'm imagining how much fun you'll have choosing plants to complement and contrast. Have you seen Austin writer/gardener Lucinda Hutson's purple house?

Thanks for your recent comment on my blog. Let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like me to cover in the 101 series.

Iris said...


I'm afraid to touch the painters' exquisite prep work and am back to my purple happy place for now. Thanks!


I've seen photos of Lucinda's purple house. It's great! Our house is a plainer design, so I don't think it would work as well as hers with a purple that bold. Plus, I'm not that bold (yet).

So we're going for a more muted and lighter lavender for the body color and hope our idea of some bits of chartreuse accents make it fun!

I'm interested in pruning for your 101 series and shall email you. Thanks!