Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Garden bloggers’ bloom day

The little bit of rain we got Sunday morning really perked up my blooms and my spirit. See more blooms from all over at May Dreams Gardens. Here’s what I’ve got blooming right now.

The magenta hardy gladiolus byzantinus is beginning its one-week-a-year blooming, with some bicolor iris in front of it and society garlic and victoria salvia in the foreground.


balloon flower

victoria salvia


society garlic

I recently bought this flower because of its unusual green-yellow color that almost matches the window trim, but I forgot what it is. (Edited 9 p.m.): It's a Lime Green Nicotiana alata. Thanks to Annie at the Transplantable Rose for identifying it!

mexican bush sage

lots of lantana

hybrid verbena

bicolor iris and hardy gladiolus byzantinus

calendula in the veggie bed

Also blooming now are purple and white ruellia, gaura, mexican heather, indigo spires salvia, turk's cap, trailing lantana, dwarf pomegranate, and mexican honeysuckle.


Darla said...

Very beautiful. I started some balloon flowers from seed they are growing will, just can't wait to see them bloom!!

Muum said...

love the pics. your 'unknown' is intriguing, too. cool color of the blooms . wonder what it is???

healingmagichands said...

Oh, you austin gardeners have all the pretty stuff! I surely enjoyed my visit here today.

Lancashire rose said...

You really do have the blues! That S. leucantha is really blooming early this year.

Annie in Austin said...

Not only pretty but all your flowers harmonize with each other and with the new house colors. Very cool, Iris!

Could the new flower be Lime Green Nicotiana alata?

Happy Blooming Day!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Iris said...

Yes! That's it! I knew I would recognize the name if I saw it. The tag at the nursery (but not on my particular plant) just said "nicotiana". Thanks, Annie!

sweet bay said...

The society garlic is lovely. I really like it, you've convinced me that I need to try it in my garden.

TexasDeb said...

I am determined to get organized for a GBBD soon - but while the oak pollen is heavy it just won't happen. Thanks for sharing your beautiful blooms.

Anonymous said...

Iris, sorry it took so long for me to visit! Your purple blooms are awesome, as always. I would love to see a shot of the whole enchilada - the purple blooms in front of your new purple house. Are you loving your new color scheme? It looks great in photos.

renee (renee's roots) said...

Lovely bloom day post, Iris. I bet your new house colors look great against the cool blues and pale purples of your garden.

Penny said...

What gorgeous photos! I tripped over your blog accidentally and it has made my day! Thank you!