Monday, September 14, 2009

cooler, less parched garden bloggers' bloom day

first time my Society Garlic has been presentable since March

Hooray! Austin finally got some measurable rain last weekend and cooler temperatures. I know it will get back up into the mid-high nineties later this week with no rain, but I'm still blissing out on today's cloudy, upper-seventies, driving with the sunroof open and the windows down weather! Thanks again to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting this bloom day. Go to her blog to see LOTS of other great blooms today from around the country and the world.

oxblood lilies should be in full bloom later today

victoria salvia I never thought would have made it through the summer

can you believe how absolutely LUSH this trailing lantana and indigo spires scenario looks? A little rain can go a long way!

freaky, lovely golden shrimp plant

purple skullcap crawls back from coma because of rain

shamrock oxalis has some scorched edges but still entrances

leadwort plumbago muddled through

indigo spires now seem grateful I gave them a serious mid-summer pruning

blackfoot daisy coming back to life with silver ponyfoot

Also blooming now are plumbago, turk's cap, purple and white ruellia, prairie verbena, rosemary, mexican bush sage, and provence lavender.


Nell Jean said...

What a fast comeback, once the rain came! I was expecting only bulbine and agaves. Salvia farinacea is tough, isn't it? So is lantana. The oxbloods are lovely, mine are done.

Happy Bloom Day

Iris said...

Hi Nell Jean,

Yep, a few inches of rain and cooler temperatures have us and our gardens doing a happy dance! Thank goodness for the toughest troopers.

Leslie said...

The blooms are beautiful despite what they have had to go through this summer. The foliage is lovely too.

Lancashire rose said...

Happy Bloom Day- it is amazing how quickly the plants are responding to the cooler weather and rain. I thought I had lost my oxalis but it started growing leaves and is now flowering, like yours. These really are the tough plants.

Iris said...

Thanks! I'm so happy the tough ones have bounced back so quickly with some rain and decent temperatures. Now I must tackle the weeds, which are also THRILLED w/the rain, then sow a bunch of Fall veggie seeds!

Iris said...

Hi Lancashire rose!

This is my first time with an oxalis, and I must say, I'm impressed! Mine's in a pot, so it's gotten a little extra babying and water since March, but it's still been a real trooper. Love its deep maroon/purple w/pale pink flowers!

TexasDeb said...

Love the photo captions as much as the photos themselves. Think this one would make a great newspaper headline "Purple skullcap crawls back from coma because of rain"...

Iris said...

Thanks, Deb! I think I was a little giddy from the nice clouds and cooler weather when I wrote those.

Annie in Austin said...

What a fine GBBD, Iris - the purple skullcap coma is a great line....unfortunately mine was not in a coma and is not waking up.
Good luck with the raised bed vegetable garden!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Iris said...

Hi Annie,

Thanks--glad you appreciated the skullcap coma caption! I'm excited about the Fall veggies. Of course the possibilities are all unknown and therefore potentially positive right now while they're tiny seedlings.

zoomletta said...

Everything looks lovely! I want some silver ponyfoot! Well, I want most of what's in your yard.

Iris said...

Thanks zoomletta!

I'll be happy to give you some of the stuff in my yard. See you soon.