Sunday, September 20, 2009

seeds are sown!

red sails leaf lettuce seedlings

Because our raised veggie beds aren't boxed, they don't always translate well in photographs, appearing to be shallow blobs. SWEET husband Kurt spent last Sunday adding tons of our homemade compost to the beds, mixing and turning them, then fluffing them up into respectable looking raised veggie beds. What was I doing last Sunday afternoon while he toiled? Watching the Cowboy game. I did feel guilty enough to chop onions and garlic for dinner while I was watching. Ahem.

you can sort of see the height/depth better here, less blobby

beets, carrots, chard, kale, broccoli, and cauliflower in these four rows

I further redeemed myself on Wednesday, when I sowed the veggie seeds in all the revived beds. I water all of them twice a day with the hose sprayer set on the mist or shower setting. Today I fed everybody a little John's Recipe organic fertilizer. So far, so good. Little seedlings are emerging almost everywhere.

all lettuces and herbs in these beds, which are raised but still appear a bit blobby here

I got a little carried away with trying some new-to-me varieties because the Botanical Interests seed packet covers are so great. I sowed the following organic seeds.

leaf lettuces: Red Sails, Tango, Oak Leaf Blend
romaine lettuces: Parris Island Cos, Freckles
butterhead lettuces: Speckles, Marvel of Four Seasons

kale: Italian Lacinato Nero Toscana
swiss chard: Five Color Silverbeet, Bright Lights
beets: Early Wonder, Gourmet Blend, Detroit Dark Red
cauliflower: Chef's Choice Blend
broccoli: Di Cicco
carrots: Scarlet Nantes, Purple Haze, Carnival Blend

sorrel: Common
cilantro: Slow Bolting
dill: Bouquet


Lancashire rose said...

Is it that time already? I did buy some peas the other day but I'm still hoping for a crop of beans and squash.

TexasDeb said...

Wow. Blobbily wonderful says me. What a lovely prospect your garden offers. It is good to see such determination after the long dry stretch we've suffered.

Iris said...

Lancashire rose-- I don't know how "proper" my timing is, but I think I may have lucked out so far with today's rain. Hope it encourages your beans and squash, too!

Deb-- Thank you! I can be stubborn at times. Hoping that quality works to my advantage in this respect. Happy cool, rainy, WONDERFUL Tuesday.