Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy 10th anniversary to us and happy halloween to all

we put up a few decorations last week

Husband Kurt and I kicked off our tenth wedding anniversary last night with an incredible meal at Wink restaurant, known for its inventive use of lots of local and organic ingredients. I run into chef Eric at the Boggy Creek Farm stand allot, and he's really cool.

But today is our actual anniversary. We got married in Seattle, shortly before we moved back to Austin. The weather was as beautiful that day as it is today. Happy Halloween everyone!

bouquets of blue-maroon hydrangeas ( how I WISH I could grow those here), gardenias, and I can't remember what else because I wasn't much of a gardener then

clear, cool day at our wedding venue, the DAR house on East Roy street in Seattle


Anonymous said...

Congrats on anniversary, Iris! I've never seen maroon hydrangea, those are amazing.

Iris said...

Thanks, Robin! I had originally asked for blue hydrangeas, but the day before the wedding, the florist said she couldn't find any more plain blue--too late in the season?--but had the blue-maroon. I was thrilled! I hadn't seen those before (or since) either.

texasdeb said...

Happiest Anniversary to you both. Ten years and counting (and they say the first decade is the trickiest....)

Iris said...

Thanks, Deb. We had a fun weekend celebration and welcome the next decades together!

Annie in Austin said...

Guess this will be a Happy 10 years and 1 week anniversary wish, Iris. Now we all want blue-maroon hydrangeas! Or any hydrangeas!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Iris said...

Thanks, Annie. I'm with you on wanting ANY hydrangeas here!