Tuesday, November 3, 2009

identification of mystery trees

EDITED Wed., 11-4-09: Treefolks called and confirmed what Caroline and Pam suspected: they're both Mexican Plum trees!

While I was out voting today, the people from Treefolks' Neighborwoods free tree program delivered our two "small stature" trees. Unfortunately, they left no identification on the trees. (I've left them a phone message.)

The choices (none of which I have any experience) were American Smoketree, Flameleaf Sumac, Mexican Plum, and Texas Mountain Laurel. I'm looking on the Lady Bird Wildflower Center database but haven't figured them out yet. Does someone recognize these?

left tree

right tree


Caroline said...

My guess is that they are both Mexican plums. They look nothing like my Texas mountain laurel sapling.

Iris said...

Thanks, Caroline! I think they are probably both the same variety, and I originally requested Mexican Plum and/or American Smoketree(which are apparently fairly uncommon, although native). So you're probably right.

Pam/Digging said...

The left looks like Mexican plum. I can't tell about the right.

Iris said...

Hi Pam--the right tree really only has two leaves on it, but the general (shabby) leaf shape and overall shape and bark coloring seems very similar to the left tree, so I think they may both be Mexican Plums. Thanks!

Leslie said...

So cool, free trees!

Iris said...

Leslie--Cool, indeed! The city co-sponsors the program for central Austin to help keep things cooler around here, among other tree benefits. They come by and put little flags in your yard where they want you to plant them and give you a short list of tree varieties. You have to promise to plant them within two weeks and water them regularly for their first two years. Great program, I agree.