Monday, March 15, 2010

garden bloggers' bloom day

grape hyacinth (Muscari armeniacum)

Last month I skipped garden bloggers' bloom day because rosemary and pansies were the only things blooming. This warmer month is much cheerier, as am I. Visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens to see who has what blooming where.

verbena in the vegetable garden

loropetalum in the other vegetable garden

a white salvia I planted in September (I've forgotten what type it is.)

spring starflower (Ipheion uniflorum)

labeled "Novelty Rose" from Natural Gardener (?)

bush germander

bolting broccoli

Also blooming: rosemary and pansies


Dreamybee said...

Glad today was a cheerier GBBD for you!

Lancashire rose said...

Amazing how quickly things move when the weather warms up. Rain please! You are the third person to show their Ipheion. I never heard of it until this year. Bolting vegs. are the flowers of the week.

Kathleen Scott said...

I'm glad you posted today. I like seeing what is blooming in your garden, and I learned several things from yours.

I want bush germander but haven't seen it for sale--where did you get yours?

And was glad to see your spring starflower. I have a shared plant in a bed that I thought was some kind of dayflower, the foliage looks a lot like yours.

I think your white salvia is greggii. Mine are just starting spring bloom...I should have pruned in January and they wouldn't be so leggy...

It's so much fun to see the landscape coming to life.

Kathleen Scott said...

PS I think prairie verbena is one of the earliest wildflowers. Maybe other varieties bloom later?

Anonymous said...

Iris, your garden is way ahead of mine. Salvia! It's nice to finally see a bit of spring, isn't it?

noel said...


you have alot of beautiful blooms coming from your garden today and it looks like alot of sweet smelling blooms also...thanks for sharing

TexasDeb said...

Loveliness as always...

My bolting veggies are getting quite spectacular - the arugula especially. I love those creamy flowers with their teensy stripes almost as much as I love to eat arugula...

I'd never heard of Ipheion, either. I'll second Jen. Note to weather: POUR, please.

teresa said...

Wow, you have so much blooming. I can't wait for color in the yard again. Amazing what a difference the weather and season can make in our moods

Iris said...

Dreamybee--Thanks. It's raining today but I don't mind!

Lancashire rose--Your rain request is granted. I never heard of the Ipheion until I saw it at Natural Gardener a few weeks ago. I really need to get it in the ground to get a better idea of how it behaves.

Kathleen Scott--Thank you very much! I'm so happy when someone says they've learned anything from my garden.

The bush germanders came from Barton Springs Nursery on Bee Caves Road, but we got them four years ago. I really like them--silvery leaves, pale purple flowers, and drought tolerant.

Salvia greggii! Yes, that rings a bell--thanks for the I.D.

getgrounded--The salvia's just barely starting to bloom but I was so excited I had to include it.

noel--Thank you. We're getting a good rain here today, too, so I hope to see more blooms soon.

TexasDeb--Aren't you thrilled with this rain? I am! I think bolting veggies are pretty, too.

teresa--You're right, a little bit of color and nicer weather does make a big difference in many ways. I'm enjoying today's rain, too!

katina said...

I like your spring starflowers. And I dont' think I've ever seen broccoli bloom like that (as in looking so spread out--I've only ever seen broccoli very compact)

also, the captcha: cards

LindaCTG said...

It all looks pretty gorgeous! Yes, indeed, that's Salvia greggii. Not a bloom on mine yet, but perhaps yours will send a note to mine. Some of my lettuce is bolting; I've been trimming cilantro in hopes to keep it around a bit longer. Geez, cold one day, hot the next. Plants as crazy as we are.

Iris said...

katina--The spring starflowers are new to me and I really like them.

LindaCTG--Wild weather, indeed! Is your salvia greggii starting to bloom yet? Mine's really taking off now--I hope it sent yours the word.

Annie in Austin said...

The Ipheion caught my eye, too - it's always good to know another bulb that will grow here!

I posted late and am visiting bloom day posts late - bet things are really popping in your garden now, Iris ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose