Sunday, October 10, 2010

not another vegetable update

Gregg's Mistflower with Monarch butterfly
I actually have been doing some gardening that does not involve obsessing over vegetable seedlings. I potted some cool-weather annuals, transplanted some perennials, and sowed my first Larkspur, Sweet Pea, Bachelor Button, Viola, Nigella, Flax, and Scabiosa (ugly name, no wonder it's also called Pincushion Flower) seeds.
new Gregg's Mistflowers
As much as I love blue-purple flowers, I had somehow overlooked Gregg's Mistflower, a great butterfly magnet, until now.
Sweet Pea seedlings ("White Elegance" and "Singing the Blues")
I expect the Sweet Peas to eventually get fairly vine-like, so I planted them close to the fence to make it easier to rig something for them.
My first kalanchoe (in front pot) is a gift from MSS, who really likes that chair.
We transplanted some artemisia ("Silver King"?) to help camouflage the ugly Grande fiber optic utility box.
Did I mention that box is ugly? And that we don't even subscribe to Grande? And that it's crooked?
newly potted white snapdragons and phlox
Just a teensy vegetable update: look at these pretty baby Romaine lettuces.
baby Romaine lettuces, to be thinned next weekend
The end.


Kathleen Scott said...

By the time the Gregg's Mist dies back, you'll have a beautiful flower garden from your seeds.

I love the old wooden chairs! What a great idea for height and feel. Thanks for the inspiration, I'm going to check out thrift stores with this in mind.

Iris said...

Kathleen--I hope to have some pretty flowers, but some critter(s) has been diggin up my Bachelor Button seedlings. Oh well, I bought another packet and shall sow them this week.

You're welcome! I have quite a thing for chairs, generally.

TexasDeb said...

You are so inspiring. All that patience with hand watering and waiting for seeds. You are giving me a great model of what it is like to eschew instant gratification style gardening. And since I am just getting mobile enough again to supervise rather than do hard work in my own spaces sharing your approach has been really helpful. Thank you Iris!

Lancashire rose said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes the seed way. Isn't it wonderful waiting for the first ones to sprout? I love it when you can just put them straight in the ground and they grow up to be gorgeous flowers-and vegs. Fun idea for the little chair.

Iris said...

TexasDeb--I'm flattered and pleased to have inspired you. I have to admit that, while I was diligent about the hand watering, I was not always feeling patient and serene about it!

Lancashire rose--Yes! I think I'll always be excited and amazed when I stick a seed in the soil and see that first sprout. And even more so when weeks later, that seed has grown into my dinner!

LindaCTG said...

I'm late behind you, but my little seeds already spouted from last weekend. They're trying hard to catch up with yours. I always adore what you're doing with that chair: I gotta find me a cute one. Your garden is looking superb!

Iris said...

Linda--Thanks! I'm happy for your quick-sprouting seeds. It's always so exciting to me to sow a seed and see it sprout in a week or less!