Saturday, October 16, 2010

tardy garden bloggers' bloom day

marigolds in the potato patch
Not much new to report this month except that the delicious cooler weather has helped lift my spirits, as well as those of several almost-dead plants. It's still dry, though, so my hoses and watering cans are getting quite a workout. You can see blooms from all over the place at Carol's May Dreams Gardens.
blackfoot daisies don't mind the lack of rain
resurrected diamond frost euphorbia
fall aster
Mexican bush sage
snapdragons and phlox
Also blooming: Turks Cap, blue plumbago, purple and white ruellia, rosemary, abelia, confetti lantana, indigo spires, white gaura, leadwort plumbago, and pavonia.


Tina Poe said...

Your blackfoot daisy mound looks so happy! I succeeded in killing the small one I got from the nursery already.

Iris said...

Tina Poe--I killed the first one I ever bought a year ago, too. This happy mound is in a really big pot and I very rarely water them.

Caroline said...

Everything looks great, Iris! I particularly like your marigolds (I'm partial to orange).

Iris said...

Caroline--Thanks! The marigolds are in the veg garden so are getting decent water. I've been neglecting the front yard a little but plan to get back on it this weekend.

Annie in Austin said...

My post was tardier than yours, Iris -can you believe how high the number of GBBD participant have gone?
It looks as if you're work is paying off with lots of flowers harmonizing to make a pretty garden.

Annie (killed Blackfoot daisies a few times, too - but this year they look happy)

TexasDeb said...

I will see your "I killed a blackfoot" and raise you "the deer ate my diamond frost euphorbia".

For some reason I am finding that image of the snapdragons and phlox really transfixing. Something about that beautifully pure white.... They look so crisp and cool - wish our weather would take the hint!

Iris said...

Annie--Thanks. I feel a little guilty neglecting the front yard garden lately, but I've been more focused on keeping my vegetable seedlings alive. Headed over to read your tardy GBBD post!

Deb--No kidding about the weather! I couldn't believe my ears when the weather guy said tonight, "You're going to love this forecast for the next six days": highs near 90 and no rain! No, I don't love that. Okay--back in my happy place now. Yes, I really love the crisp white snaps and phlox. I think white is my new purple/blue.

LindaCTG said...

Wow, beautiful! What I love about your garden is that you have the flowers and the food.

Iris said...

Linda--Thanks! I try to incorporate the flowers and food as much as I can. The Fall Asters are loving their placement by the green beans, receiving the extra water.