Tuesday, March 29, 2011

fancy tomato stakes

Husband Kurt decided to make our new tomato beds fancier by using some blackline (natural gas pipeline) as stakes. Originally, Kurt had used the blackline for curtain rods, but he replaced them with homemade copper pipe curtain rods:
So the sturdy blackline rejects were just hanging out in the mudroom. The beauty of them as tomato stakes is that you can screw on additional lengths to accommodate tomatoes that get really tall.

He also installed a drip system, which still needs a little bit of tweaking, and dug the holes for the black plastic nursery pots. I've never tried this buried-pot watering system before, but I read about it as a good root water system and thought I'd give it a shot. So far, so good.
I finally pulled out the bolted lettuces and replaced them with basils, peppers, and okra. My "Contender" bush beans seedlings are really taking off, too.
Far right are the bush bean seedlings; far left is red-veined sorrel, then red Rubin basil. Big stuff in the middle is French sorrel.
Fingers crossed we get some rain tonight.


Beyond My Garden said...

Some good ideas here. My favorite is the copper curtain rods.

Annie in Austin said...

The tomato plants are really growing - you're going to need those strong tomato stakes, Iris! I have red-veined sorrel too, but haven't tasted it yet.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Iris said...

Nellie--Thanks! Will pass along your comment to my husband.

Annie--I haven't tried the red-veined sorrel yet either, but it's just so pretty, I'll keep it whether or not I like the taste.

Suzie/VivaVerde said...

what a gorgeous little veggie plot! How are you planning on attaching the tomatos to the pipe? I need to figure out a staking system in a hurry.

Iris said...

Suzie--Thank you! We're hoping we can just keep loosely tying the tomato stalks up the stakes w/twine. If they get too terribly tall and gangly, Kurt might add a bar across the top for some vertical twine support.

LindaCTG said...

You two are so clever! And what a beautiful garden. I want to try the red-veined sorrel this year too.

Iris said...

Linda--Thanks so much! I haven't yet eaten the red-veined sorrel because it's so pretty. Soon!