Tuesday, March 15, 2011

garden bloggers' bloom day

young Mexican Plum tree's first blooms
I missed the last two garden bloggers' bloom days because I had nothing blooming except some rosemary and petunias. Most of this month's blooms are new transplants I planted in the last two weeks. Check out others' blooms from all over the world at Carol's May Dreams Gardens .
I wish this cilantro would wait a little longer to bolt, but its flowers are pretty.
The Lolla Rossa lettuce is bolting, too.
Chinese Fringe Flower (Loropetalum)
Tiny grape hyacinths (muscari) finally bloomed.
blackfoot daisies and strawflower in the new vegetable beds
This one's new to me, Snow Rose (Serissa foetida). Its delicate blooms are  a bit bigger than my pinky fingernail.
I'm experimenting with this bougainvillea. If it doesn't work, I'll stick with blackfoot daisies again.
Also blooming now are rosemary, marigolds, pansies, and a gazania.


Caroline said...

I love your little snow rose! I've killed two bougainvillea already, but my neighbor across the street has one that's just magnificent, so it must be something I'm doing wrong. Happy GBBD!

Beyond My Garden said...

This is a good bloom day for you. I enjoyed seeing what you have today.I have a 1/8 inch white unknown growing out of the almost frozen mud and 1 jonquil. I'll be in good shape for April.

Tina Poe said...

Oh my gosh that snow rose is adorable! I like all of your white blooms, they really pop!

Hilery - Desert Greenhouse Guide said...

Oh, I love the Chinese Fringe Flower! I don't know that I have seen that one before, might have to find out if it will grow in my garden. As a side note, I LOVE the name of your blog. One of my favorite plants in my garden is society garlic, it is SO tough and beautiful -- and got to love that garlic smell!

Kathleen Scott said...


My blackfoot daisies survived the deepfreeze but we're nowhere close to blooms yet. Most things seem slower--I think due more to the drought than last winter.

Iris said...

Caroline--I'm so happy to have stumbled upon the little snow rose. Keep my fingers crossed for the bougainvillea!

Beyond My Garden--Thanks--I'm grateful for blooms this month!

Tina Poe--Thanks! I'm really becoming obsessed w/white blooms. The little snow rose is a fun new discovery.

Hilery--Thanks for appreciating my blog name: tough and beautiful but sometimes smelly was what I was going for, heh heh. Chinese Fringe Flower is pretty tough in our zone 8B but not sure right now about other zones.

Kathleen--My blackfoots that lived through the freezes are not close to blooming yet either. I broke down and bought some new transplants while waiting...

HolleyGarden said...

What a cute little snow rose! I wish my loropetalum would bloom like yours. For the last two years, the blooms have been frozen by a late freeze. Enjoyed your blooms.

Iris said...

HolleyGarden--Thanks for visiting! I'm really glad I discovered the little snow rose. My loropetalum doesn't bloom all that often, but it's overall healthy, probably because it's in the vegetable garden and therefore got covered during our hard freezes.

LindaCTG said...

Just lovely! And I can't believe that our lettuce and cilantro are already bolting. Dang. But the blossoms are pretty and we have the seeds to look forward too.

Iris said...

LindaCTG--Thanks! I'm happy I got as much lettuce and cilantro as I did so don't mind too much that they're bolting.