Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Old-Fashioned Part of Our Christmas Holiday

When I'm cooking, I have a habit of trying to turn on and off the kitchen faucets with my elbows when my hands are covered with food. This technique is only marginally successful, and last night I shoved the hot water handle too hard and stripped its valve stem. Kurt was able to stop it from gushing for the time being, which means we (for now) have no kitchen sink hot water. (We don't have a dishwasher, either.)

So, until Kurt is able to fix this problem, we are boiling water in the teapot to add to the super-cold dishwater. Very quaint and old-fashioned. Turning lemons into lemonade...


Anonymous said...

Our stupid 1976 double oven is dying a slow death. Everytime I turn it on it blows a fuse, so Juan has instructed me not to turn it on. (Something about a fire hazard) I hope when we are grilling over the fireplace we have as cheery an attitude as you with your no hot water problem.

Don't these things always happen when you have the least amount of money?

Iris said...


That sucks. It does seem these things always happen either when you don't have extra money or when you're leaving town the next morning or when you're expecting company!