Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Weekend hydrangea friends

We're still in Paris and had the good fortune to spend the weekend with old friends at their house just outside Paris. They asked us for gardening advice for their small back yard, but I wasn't much help because their conditions are so moderate and opposite of ours in Austin: I just kept staring at their hydrangeas!

And, just when you're considering how bad Austin's traffic is, consider that you're not driving in this Paris traffic today.

We're not driving in it either, but I took this photo around 6:15 p.m. outside our hotel window in the 16th district. Later we found out that some nearby major avenues had been closed for a little while, but we were never quite sure why beyond guessing that this morning's trucking protest against high fuel costs--the big trucks stayed on the roads but purposely drove allot slower--had a trickle-down effect?


vertie said...

It's not a true visit to France if there isn't some sort of protest.-)

Glad to hear that visit with friends went well. How did the whole handshake/bise business work out?

i know it's too late to help you know, but i just found this map on the subject: http://tinyurl.com/69kjwm

Iris said...

Hi Vertie!

The handshake/bise with friends went well--very natural. We had every combo you suggested might occur--thank you! I was surprised that the 9-year-old (shyest one) easily did the bise.