Monday, March 9, 2009

Mixing it up in the front yard garden

This weekend we did allot of rearranging in the front yard garden. We took out some big, old unhappy rosemary and Texas sage, opening up some crowded areas. I added some things new to me, Allison Mexican heather (cuphea hyssopifolia Allison); a salvia with blue-violet blooms, Victoria (salvia farinaceae Victoria), which is similar to indigo spires but more compact and shorter; a bit of cobalt salvia (salvia guaranitica cobalt); Mexican honeysuckle (justicia spicigera); and Louisiana blue phlox (phlox divaricata).

I even planted some wildly non-drought-tolerant annuals, a delphinium (delphinium x belladonna) and some heliotrope (heliotropium arborescens Atlantis). I now even have a porch plant for the first time in years, a Mona Lavender (plectranthus Mona Lavender). I still want to add a few more Victoria salvias and bicolor iris, then I'll post an overview photo.

potted cobalt salvia (salvia guaranitica cobalt) with Victoria salvia planted to its left

In the foreground is heliotrope(heliotropium arborescens Atlantis), directly behind it is the delphinium(delphinium x belladonna)heliotrope, and in the back is the Louisiana blue phlox (phlox divaricata). The potted beauty is a Mona Lavender (plectranthus Mona Lavender).

closer heliotrope and delphinium

east side: the carpenters took out all the old nandinas that were scraping the house, so I started adding some replacements: silverado sage, bicolor iris, phlox, Mexican heather, tiny transplanted Mexican feather grass, and variegated society garlic.

westside: same story as eastside. I moved the red pot from the front, and planted Mexican heather, phlox, and tiny transplanted society garlic.


Anonymous said...

Iris, a lot of purple color added, awesome! I saw a planting that Lori of Gardening of Good and Evil did in her sunny bed that would work well with your newly dress-up home: she put in moss verbena (lavender color) mixed with violet homestead verbena. The combo is gorgeous, and gives a lovely, dense purple block of color. The lighter moss verbena helps give some highlight to the darker homestead. I'll bet you are enjoying your new house.

Iris said...

Yep, we are enjoying the "new" house!

I've got allot of homestead purple verbena in one part of the yard, so thanks for the idea. I'll keep an eye out for the lighter moss verbena.

TexasDeb said...

What fun to be expanding your collection in so many ways. Almost as fun as the newly painted house I bet.

I am so SO happy we have rain in the forecast at last. I guess you are feeling pretty smart to have all those new plants getting such a nice start. : )

Looking forward to more photos as everything gets established. Thanks for the inspiring example!

Iris said...

You're welcome! I am really happy (and feeling a bit smart) that I got all my new plants in the ground by late Monday afternoon. Yippee rain!

This weekend I'm sure I'll be out there pulling new weeds, but at least the ground will be softer.