Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring lantana

I know some gardeners look down their noses at lantana, considering it low-brow and common, I guess. I, however, think it’s swell. Besides being hardy and drought-tolerant, it’s just plain cheery. It also grows all over Southern France, so when Austin starts getting really hot, I just look at my lantana and try to pretend I'm lounging in Nice.


Flapjacks said...

i've loved that stuff since i was a kid. there used to be a huge patch of it out by our outdoor shower. i was always enamored that it was multi-colored.

Anonymous said...

Iris, I'm with you - I love lantana. It reminds me of my childhood. Like you, I planted the old fashioned kind, along with the newer trailing hybrids, of course in purple! I've added the white, but haven't yet gotten the new gold. When I was a child, I used to pluck one of the bloom heads and use it for my Barbie's bouquet of flowers. It was the perfect proportion!

TexasDeb said...

I too have always loved the "bouquet in a bloom" form of lantana. I don't think there is a variety I don't appreciate but the old variegated types are my favorites by far.

Just because something does well around here doesn't mean we should take it for granted, says me!