Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yogurt Shop Murders: today’s closed door hearing

Although it was listed on the docket, today’s 1:30 hearing took place entirely behind closed doors. In fact, the courtroom doors themselves remained locked while a handful of slightly frustrated reporters and I (also slightly frustrated) sat outside in the hall for over an hour waiting to hear something.

Robert Springsteen and Michael Scott were not present, but I saw their attorneys enter the side door. Scott’s pro bono attorney from New York, Robert Romano, also attended the meeting.

At 2:45, Springsteen lawyer Joe James Sawyer emerged and talked to reporters. Although he couldn’t reveal specifics about the meeting, he did say that the writ of habeas corpus hearing for Springsteen would occur within 45 days. Scott lawyer Carlos Garcia said his team would be filing a similar writ soon. When asked if the state was warming up to the idea of setting bond, Sawyer said, “No, the only thing the state is warming up to is the theory that the earth is flat.”

Regarding the newly tested unknown male DNA (that does not match any of the original four suspects) found on three of the four murdered girls, Sawyer lambasted the DAs for believing that “science means nothing” and for their “romance with confessions.” He further criticized the Travis County DA’s office for being less DNA-progressive than Harris and Dallas counties, especially in light of the Christopher Ochoa and Richard Danziger exonerations, both of whom gave coerced false confessions to APD.

Sawyer said they would meet again next Tuesday at 1. Apparently it will not be a public hearing.

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Anonymous said...

Coodos to those that keep the Memory alive. I remember this whole thing all too well, something that was so dark and haunting... It was pure evil. And justice, at best has been difficult and frustrating for all. Wish the families of SAJE, peace in mind and spirit. They they be blessed.

We shall not forget. SAJE is always remembered