Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I would like to thank the academy

I am not worthy, but THANK YOU to The Curious Holts of wabi-sabihomeandgarden for including me as a recipient of bloggers' Honest Scrap Awards.

There are more than two dozen fantastic Austin-area garden blogs, but here are three of my more offbeat favorites: Hungersauce, The Bearded Gourmand, and Austin Agrodolce.

And, in the spirit of the award's requests, here are some honest things about me:
-I'm six years older than my husband.
-I've snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef and did NOT enjoy the water.
-I was an extra in Billy Idol's "Don't Need a Gun" music video.
-I have one near-sighted eye and one far-sighted eye.

Thanks again and cheers, y'all!


Kurt said...

I remember that Billy Idol video. Are you the one wearing the Doc Martens?

Iris said...

Hardee har har, Kurt. That's a joke because everyone was wearing Doc Martens then, right?

Kurt said...

Ya, sorry about that, dear. I also meant to say congratulations, and I love the picture. It would have been nice to see more of your favorite blogs and honest things listed, but I understand it's probably hard to narrow it down and all up at the podium. Must be nice up there. Cheers..xxo.

Iris said...

Kurt--Nice picture, indeed. Thank you for everything, my dear.

KMTBERRY said...

Hey, I thought you were SEVEN years older than Kurt, Granny!

THanks for the mention. Oh and you know what? I am going to mention SOCIETY GARLIC in the CHRONICLE soon, so keep up the regular posting or it will look like you are a lazy whore like me!

I want to subscribe to your blog so I get every post, but I can't figure out HOW. HOW?

I don't see a subscribe by email button anywhere.

Iris said...

KMTBERRY--I don't have a "subscribe by email button", just the RSS feed option. I use Google Reader to manage the RSS feeds to the blogs I follow and can see whenever there's a new post.

If you scroll all the way to the bottom of one of my posts, you'll see the "Atom" (RSS) button to subscribe to my feed. I'll look into blogspot's help page and see if I have the option of adding a subscribe by email button.

I just noticed that I failed to provide the link to your blog. Will fix that right now!

And you are incorrect! I am only SIX years older than Kurt.