Thursday, November 12, 2009

unusual blooming timing

paperwhite narcissus

I don't know if it's the combination of our drought and recent rain, but several of my plants are blooming when they normally don't.

This paperwhite narcissus (fighting the lantana) didn't bloom until mid-January last year.

Red Cascade miniature rose (currently my only rose because it seems foolproof) usually blooms in the Spring.

This Provence lavender sometimes blooms in November but not this profusely.

The black dalea has bloomed this time of year before, but like the lavender, not as profusely as this year.

Bees are all over the black dalea.


mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

My paperwhites are as tall as they've ever been but they aren't blooming yet. I also have 'Red Cascade' and I've never seen it so happy. Not only is it blooming more than ever but it's sending out long runners. I find it wants to be a ground cover and creep on the ground. Do you?

Iris said...

Hi mss--My paperwhites are also taller than I've ever seen them, at least 18"! My Red Cascade has always acted more like a ground cover and sent out some long runners that I prune when they move into my stone path and become "dangerous". BUT it's behaved in this manner for at least seven years with VERY little attention and thrived, so I've let it do its thing. Maybe I should provide something for it to climb upon? I've read it can be a miniature climber...