Monday, August 27, 2007

Eve of Laura Hall Trial

Greetings! I'm brand new at blogging--just created this one, my first ever, a few hours ago--but I'm not brand new at trial-watching. I attended the Austin, Texas murder trials of Michael Scott and Colton Pitonyak and have watched dozens of televised criminal trials over the years.

So, naturally, I'm looking forward to opening statements in Laura Hall's trial, scheduled for tomorrow morning. I shall be posting my trial observations here. Hall allegedly hindered apprehension of convicted murderer Colton Pitonyak by driving him to Mexico after he killed Jennifer Cave 2 years ago in his west campus condo, and she also allegedly tampered with evidence by dismembering or helping to dismember Cave's body.

Not sure how Hall can possibly be found not guilty of the hindering apprehension charge: I watched the video of her driving them across the border during Pitonyak's trial, among other strong evidence presented.

I'm very curious about the other charge, because I reviewed the DNA portion of my Pitonyak trial notes and was surprised at how few areas were identified as showing Hall's DNA. Maybe there actually was more Hall DNA evidence discovered but it wasn't admissable in Pitonyak's trial?

Don't know why Judge Flowers has banned cameras from the courtroom in Hall's trial when he allowed Court TV (who has a strict policy of not broadcasting disturbing images) to cover most of Pitonyak's trial.

-- Iris

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Clair LaVaye said...

I am looking forward to reading your "take" on the human element during the trial this week. It is insightful to pick up the local elements of interest and you are in a unique position to observe them. Thanks for posting, Ms. Society G. :-)