Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jury Just Started Deliberating!

The State rested their case this morning. The defense put on two quick witnesses and rested. Judge granted defense's request for lesser-included charges: attempted tampering w/evidence and a Class-A Misdemeanor version of hindering apprehension.

Snippets from closing arguments are as follows:

McFarland: "...Colton Pitonyak led Laura Hall down the road to hell, but she went willingly..." "Laura Hall referred to this as a victimless crime..."

Sawyer: "Colton Pitonyak killed her for nothing: he's the center of his universe and doesn't care about any of them (Cave or Hall.)" Sawyer strongly urged the jurors to focus on the LAW, however passionately they may disagree with decisions Hall made. Sawyer also focused on the lack of Hall's DNA found in CP's apartment.

Bishop wrapped up and showed the jury one of the photos of Cave's head & hands in plastic bags, (I think, because we in the gallery couldn't see the photo.)

Need a break. Will try to post more later.

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