Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jurors to Resume Deliberations Tomorrow 9 a.m.

Ahhh--left-over veggies & a glass of Riesling!

Jury's deliberated over 8 hours so far, and the DNA question they had sounded very defense-oriented, at least to me (& to two "real" reporters I asked.) I don't think I'm the only one who is a little surprised they didn't reach a verdict tonight. Met a woman from "48 Hours" there today, too. She said they're doing a story on Pitonyak/Hall trials--the whole 9 yards.

I'm too pooped now to check my notes for more quotes from today's closing arguments or more quotes from yesterday's former-LH cellmate witness. I promise I'll try to find the sweet spot where I can get a halfway decent wireless signal outside the courtroom tomorrow. Can't promise I'll find it--damn damn damn. Thank you tonight to my patient husband, who took my notes over the phone & posted for me when I couldn't get any wireless connection.

Brief reply to a coupla comment questions:

Yes, I found the cellmate's testimony credible. I also found Nora Sullivan's testimony fairly credible, even though I don't understand why she waited so long to come forward with the info of her conversation w/Hall in which Hall complained about being frustrated that CP was procrastinating instead of getting in the bathroom to finish his task.

I thought Hall & her folks appeared to remain confident today, especially after the jury's DNA question.

Crashing now.


katmom said...

Iris, I don't understand what the defense's case was...was it that yes she helped, but she's not accountable because he's the monster that lured her into unspeakeable acts? Also, I was under the impression from CP's trial that LH was the one who put the bullet into JC's brain, if that is true then, I cannot understand why that jury would lean towards LH. She is a bonafide psychopath.

Iris said...


No, the defense contends that Colton was such a monster he wouldn't want to "share" any of the murder/mutilation experience & that he did not let her know about the mutilation (at the time it was happening at least) & was on the other side of town gassing up the car while Colton was at Breed Hardware store. Sawyer wants the jury to completely throw out the snitch's, Nora's, & Javier Rosales' (coworker who said she bragged about helping)testimony because none of them is credible. Gotta run to Court now! Hope that was a decent-enough summary for now!

Iris said...

Oh, Katmom,

There was also a HEAVY focus on the lack of Hall's DNA at the scene. Okay, really leaving now.

texasmom said...

katmom that is what you get for listening to the medea instead of looking at the facts!