Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First Day: Laura Hall Trial Part 2

A few more observations... Jury is composed of six women & six men. Prosecutor Bill Bishop's opening statement couldn't have lasted more than 5 minutes, focusing on the early morning text messages & 13-minute phone call between Hall & CP on August 17, 2005, the border crossing video & phone records on that drive to Mexico, Hall's traffic citation from Val Verde County dated 8-18-05, and statements made by Hall.

Defense attorney Joe James Sawyer's opened with "the devil is in the details." He then said (not exact quotes here but pretty close, I think) that CP was a real charmer: intelligent, handsome, National Merit Scholar, spoke French... But by CP's second year at UT he'd become the "go-to guy" for drugs around campus. He further stated that the jurors would see "the face of a beast" and that there was nothing accidental about Jennifer Cave's death; it was a deliberate, planned murder by CP. He said CP committed the murder for no other reason than to experience killing another human being, that he did it all by himself then used Hall, who thought the whole thing was an accident.

Sawyer said Hall was as much a pawn as Cave was and urged the jury to focus on the facts because "facts often speak more accurately than people." Sawyer concluded by saying that Hall was not guilty of anything other than loving someone too much and making stupid, foolish mistakes none of us would make.

That's all for today, but if anyone knows of a cheap-ish parking lot near the courthouse, please let me know--hoping to avoid too many $15 parking meter tickets! Also, I'm taking my laptop tomorrow and I'll try to post an update during the lunch break.

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SteveMuzZ said...

"it was a deliberate, planned murder by CP."

not a chance in hell.. if the jury has more than 3 brain cells, they will see this. It's painfully obvious that this murder was a direct result of meth use - and no I'm not trying to make CP look better - the murder was an evil act of violence and he got what he deserved. But no fucking way he planned it. If anything, if this thing was planned, then LH is the likely one that planned it.