Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Parole Hearing: Another Laura Hall Postscript

Although the Travis County website currently shows that Laura Hall is still in County jail, it seems she may have her first parole review next month.
Sharon Cave and her family are, understandably, quite upset and she is urging people to write to the parole board: her letter is here.


Anonymous said...

I am going to be writing a letter right away and forwarding this info to everyone I know. I can't believe that the parole board would grant a hearing for someone who (as of this moment at least) has not spent even ONE NIGHT in state jail! What happened to 5 years? And why was the Cave family not told about this?
Thanks for letting us know so we can help.

Anonymous said...

First, I do not intend this to be posted from anonymous. For some reason the service would not let me post any other way. I'd like to be counted as one who will speak out against this outrage!

Secondly, do they have a limit to how many letters one person can write to the parole board?

I mean this gal is certifiable, cold and calculating. She should get an additional 55+ years for the way she talked about Jennifer Cave! It wasn't human and certainly lacked any remorse.

If anyone has access to the threats made to people, the IM's and Face book posting that LH did right before and after the crime, it would be a influential attachment to any letters to the parole board. I'd gladly attach it to my letter/letters and feel certain if others did, the parole board could not ignore how dangerous and horrible this person is.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention~

Letter sent,

Anonymous said...

Thank you all so much.. and no.. there is no limit on letters...... My goal is that they will have to have a moving truck to carry all the letters in. We are getting unbelievable support. Thank you all......We truly would not be able to get through this without the kindness and compassion of you all.....

Sharon Cave