Monday, November 5, 2007

Some Sundays are Just Meant for Football and Pizza, Not Gardening

Yesterday was one of those Sundays. Instead of hauling dirt and compost around the backyard to create a raised bed, driving way out to The Natural Gardener to buy vegetables then planting them, we stayed in and enjoyed the extra hour of sleep. And we drank mimosas and watched lots of good football.

I sliced garlic and shallots to top Kurt's homemade spelt sourdough pizza crusts and Kurt patched a little hole in the ceiling sheetrock, but mostly we were lazy. It was a good laziness.


KMTBERRY said...

Sometimes you drive ALL THE WAY OUT to the Natural Gardener, and THEY DON'T HAVE ANY FUCKING VEGETABLES!!!

Here is my SAGE HARD-WON Sage Advice: Call first. Call EVERYWHERE first.

If you are looking for Broccolli plants, they still had some at The Great Outdoors yesterday. But it's hard to get ANYTHING this year. The salespeople tell me that three times as many people seem to be putting in vegetables this year. (Could it be the price of FOOD?!?! HUH? Could it??)

I thought of you today because Dave wants to send the DVDS of THE OFFICE to his brother Rusty. I said, well I just haven't SEEn Iris lately. So we should all go out for Sushi again sometime soon.

Maybe next week? No, the week after. I am getting over a cold and I shouldn't drink til I am ALL better, and I wanna drink with you!

Iris said...


Thank you for the advice!!

I'll definitely CALL those places first, especially because this is sort of a last-minute plan to try to plant anything right now & the bed's not put together yet--no point in busting our butts to get a bed ready now if there are no plants available to put in it!

Get well fast so we can eat sushi & drink wine together soon.