Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pics from Today's Preparation for a Spring Vegetable Garden Bed

Today Kurt reminded me that we shouldn't use the way-back corner for gardening because it's in the easement, so we moved our main proposed vegetable garden area over more towards the middle of the backyard and shall figure out later how to keep the dog out of it.

My friend who works at the organic farm stand convinced me that we should go ahead and try growing some Fall plantings now because it's stayed so warm so late in the season. She suggested beets, carrots, and broccoli as good choices for beginners. So, tomorrow we'll attempt to create a small raised bed (from our composted materials) in which to plant some of those vegetables. Yippee--a trip to The Natural Gardener to buy some seedlings or small plants!

But today we did the scalp/soak/newspaper/weed-fabric routine to prepare a bed--what will become a bed--for Spring vegetable gardening! (I ran a little short on newspaper and couldn't cover the whole scalped-soaked area, but it'll do for now.)

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