Monday, November 26, 2007

The Problem with Big Trees

I really love our big, wise, old trees and so do the squirrels. But at least five times a year those trees and squirrels cause the electricity transformer to blow and we lose all power. The City of Austin/Austin Energy usually has it restored in under 3 hours, a response I really appreciate.

Thanksgiving morning we awoke to a warm refrigerator, which Kurt diagnosed and figured out a temporary fix until the new part--thermostat?--arrives. We had to throw away a bunch of spoiled food and ate chips, salsa, and beans for lunch.

So this morning when I heard the unmistakable pop of a transformer blowing and the power went out, I was especially annoyed, hoping we wouldn't end up with yet another round of spoiled food. The power was restored in less than 2 hours--yippee!

Back to loving that old Sycamore.


Anonymous said...

Iris....Need your help with something....We have just learned that Laura Hall is being considered for parole very soon. It is imperative that any letters opposing the parole reach the parole board by Dec. 10

Following is the info to reference on your letter:

Laura Ashley Hall

DOB 8/28/83

TDC Offender Number 07572662

Your letter must be faxed to:

Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles

San Antonio Board Office
Attn: Linda Starnes

Also fax a copy to:

TDCJ Victim Services Division


Thank you for any help you can give us. To assist you, please make reference to the horrendous nature of the crime for which she was convicted. Tampering with physical evidence covers a lot of crimes and we want them to understand the severity of the offense.

We are very upset by this. We found out randomly that she was coming up for parole. No one at TDCJ notified us. Fortunately, the DA office in Austin has been on the phone with TDCJ all morning and they have granted us an extension until 12/10 to get letters in.
This is so important. I would appreciate it so much if your readers would send a letter protesting Laura's parole.

Sharon Cave

Shirle said...

I will send emails to my entire office and all my friends. This is unbelievable that this girl who helped in this horrendous crime would be allowed to be free.

Shirle said...

I will write the letter and send out emails to all my co-workers and friends. There is no way on earth Laura Hall should be walking free.

Shirle said...

I posted a bulletin on myspace about this.