Friday, February 1, 2008

Cat-Themed Garden Progress Report

The broccoli heads are still small but steadily growing! Recently I've had to cover them during the nights' freezes and once forgot to uncover them the next day, so they're catching up on some sun now.

My feline director of photography insisted on getting herself in the photo here--I did leave the little garden gate open, allowing her inside.

The next two photos show her true colors. Apparently chasing a pecan across the weed fabric surface--cat hockey--is far more entertaining than chasing a pecan across any of the many other surfaces available in a backyard. Ripping the weed fabric in the process is simply icing.

Fortunately, we put down the layers of newspaper and weed fabric several months ago, so this method of passively killing grass to prepare for a Spring garden bed has probably already worked. Now I just have to keep rescuing stray torn-up newspaper pages from the back fence corners.

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