Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Spring Garden Beds Built Today!

Although we did the five-layer newspaper & weed-fabric passive grass-killing technique (above) for 5 months, when we uncovered half of it today to start creating our spring/summer garden beds, we found that some of the Saint Augustine grass was STILL thriving! Not allot, but some. We cursed it, yanked it, and moved on, shoveling & mixing dirt and compost around to create two new long, thin (about 2'x12') beds (below.) I also added John's Recipe Ladybug organic fertilizer to these empty beds, but this time I followed the directions and did NOT erroneously add an acre's worth.

We decided to tackle only half today & make the other two beds next weekend. I planted a couple of pansies at the end of one bed so it didn't appear so bare for now. We can't really successfully plant any veggies in them for about another month or so, at which time we'll try some varieties of squash, peppers, and tomatoes--probably more herbs, too.

The broccoli we ate isn't likely to do much more at this point except grow a few tendrils, so I planted one small arugula ("Astro") in the middle of the chopped-off broccoli and one cilantro on the edge (below.)

Kurt also planted a small cedar elm tree beside the old cottonwood stump. It's the skinny, leafless thing in the middle of the photo below (between the green and the carport pole.)
I'm sure it will get prettier soon...

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