Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I recently got a little distracted by current political debates, especially since I had the rare opportunity to participate in a CNN televised

"undecided voter" panel after last Thursday night's Austin Democratic debate between Obama and Clinton (see my souvenirs above.) It was particularly interesting that I was the ONLY woman of their five panelists. It was still really fun.

Anyway, I had finally realized the Texas primary vote was actually going to count for the first time in forever, so I started doing bunches of research, which ended up with my slightly neglecting my cauliflower. Husband Kurt and I even got our butts out of the house to vote early.

The cauliflower will be okay if we eat it tomorrow, I think. We ate the red leaf lettuce--third harvest--tonight! The chopped-off broccoli is sprouting pretty little leaves and TINY florets, too.


gigglechick said...

whoa~ you were the ONLY woman!? that doesn't seem very balanced, eh?

i feel that she'll win Texas (if the amount of Texas Hillary gear that people have bought from me is any indication, she will win :}

the gear is here:

(not trying to blogwhore... it just comes naturally :}

Anonymous said...

Lucky you.. This is the most exciting presidental race that I have ever witnessed.. I to, have voted early. We were so excited to have Obama in Corpus. He is a classmate and friend of our state rep.. Juan Garcia.


Iris said...

YES! I am SO excited right now: I just heard Obama's Austin town hall meeting, which I thought was much more interesting/informative than the rallies and debates so far, even as impressive as he's been at those!

Apparently he's doing two more town-hall style appearances today, one in Beaumont & one in Ft. Worth. I'm going to try to find out if there's any way to listen to either of those somewhere on the internet!

Iris said...


I, too, thought it was a little weird that I was the only woman, but I got the impression CNN had so many other things to cover that they came up with this idea sort of at the last minute and were scrambling.

It was really cool that although three of the five us were Obama supporters (including me), we all agreed that we'd happily support Clinton or Obama in the general election!

Anonymous said...

iris..... I need to ask you something.. is there a way to contact you?/
Sharon Cave

Iris said...


I just set up a gmail account. You can email me at

I'll figure out how to add it to my main blog home page later...

Anonymous said...

If the lack of Obama merchandise available is any indication - Obama will do well tomorrow. All ladies t-shirts are back ordered 3 weeks or more.
I have 3 Obama t-shirts that I have been rotating out each day. It's not an exciting wardrobe, but I'm just trying to do my part! Everywhere I go I get comments like "Hey, love your shirt" or "do you have an extra?"
Good times.
I'm looking forward to caucusing tomorrow night!

Anonymous said...

I am 30 years old and have been voting since I was 18 and eligible but last night was my first caucus. It was a lot of fun and very exciting and I do intend to go again. Also, I will be attending my county convention on the 29th (for Williamson County). One thing that can be said for this election is that it has energized people. I was shocked to see so many democrats out and about in Williamson County last night. Go Obama - Yes We Can!!

Iris said...

Hi Anonymous in Williamson County!

Kudos to you for sticking around your caucus last night and agreeing to attend the March 29th county convention!! I have to say, I'm a little shocked to hear that so many democrats were so active in Williamson County, too--very exciting!

I was lazier than you and attended/voted my caucus but didn't stick around to vote on resolutions and pick our delegates, etc.

I was excited to find out today that my particular precinct voted 73% for Obama and my senate district voted 65% for Obama.

It's just so exciting (and somewhat nerve-wracking) to feel like our participation MIGHT count for something for a change!!