Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Judge Lynch Today: Be REEEasonable

The judge repeated this at least twice, drawing out the first syllable of "reasonable" at this afternoon's last joint pretrial hearing for Michael Scott and Robert Springsteen. He was urging--I mean "suggesting"--that the defense attorneys for both Scott and Springsteen follow his experience of being a "common sense advocate" rather than just filing tons of briefs.

What seemed to have initially prompted Lynch's irritation was Springsteen's team's having filed fifteen amended motions for discovery. "In 35 years, I've never seen that," Lynch said, adding that he wanted succinctness. Alexandra Gauthier, Springsteen's attorney, countered, "But this is a complex case." Lynch replied, "not THIS complex."

Lynch denied Scott's motion to consolidate--trying the two cases together--but praised Garcia's work on his legal reasoning in attempting to get it.

Otherwise, there was lots of back and forth about discovery issues. The defense still wants copies of some of the State's evidence and the State says the evidence is available for the defense to inspect but that they're not required to provide copies.

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