Monday, July 7, 2008

Rain and more tiny tomatoes welcome us home

Although our bodies and brains are still on France time--it now feels like 2 a.m.--the rain helped make today a nice first day home. The Juliet tomato plant (above) has a few babies, and the Little Porter (below), which had our first tomato ever, now has six more. That first tomato, the size of my pinky fingernail when we left June 16th, is now almost the size of a golfball.

Tomorrow morning I'll begin the glamorous task of digging up three weeks of nutgrass!


Lancashire rose said...

Welcome home. I bet you will be out there at the crack of dawn. That is my awakening time when I get back from across the pond. Let me know how the nut grass pulling goes. I do that and am ecstatic if I get a nut on the end!
On the tomato front. Are you sure that is Juliet? It looks like a roma. I have Juliet for the first time and the tomatoes are quite rounded. but whatever they are they will taste great.

Lancashire rose said...

Sorry about that. Should have checked first. Juliet is oblong. That must mean mine is not Juliet!

Iris said...

Thanks, Jenny!

The showers this afternoon will help w/tomorrow's nutgrass excavation. I've become pretty good at it but am still thrilled when I get the nut!

I'm trusting that it's a Juliet based on the tag that was in it when I bought it--only a few inches tall then and a few feet tall now. (I think the Juliet tag described them as oval-shaped and similar to cherry-sized, but maybe it's a hybrid or something?)

Neleh said...

Do you know how sneaky I had to be to plant all that nutgrass in your yard while you were away? It took me hours! NA = Nutgrass Anonymous

Iris said...

Ha ha, Neleh!
Fortunately the heat & lack of rain foiled your plot and there's not a completely overwhelming amount of nutgrass to excavate! Nice try.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the postcard from Paris. Glad you like France. Why do you hate freedom?

Mrs. deHonduras is worried you will take the above post seriously.

Juan deHonduras

Iris said...


Glad you liked the postcard. I do love those freedom fries!