Friday, July 4, 2008

Respecting the lavender

Yesterday afternoon we walked around Paris' Bois de Boulogne, a huge wooded/garden/recreational park area twice as big as NYC's Central Park (although it's on the outer edge of Paris proper.)

One of its gardens included a bunch of stuff for kids--rides, animals, a small train--but it also had plenty of varied plants and flowers for us grown-up kids. All the garden sheds and little barn areas had thatched roof gardens. It cracked me up to see a guy working on a thatched roof, a bundle of straw in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

The type of lavender in my sunny front yard in Austin (Provence, I think) would hate living next to thirsty tomatoes, but this type seems to pair well!

Our gray santolina has never produced yellow buttons like this one! Maybe the buttons need more water and less intense heat?

This garden entrance seems a strange place to include kale (bottom left).

Are these really artichokes? Whatever, they must be related. Beautiful.


sjp8987 said...

Artichokes do really bloom like that! Isn't it amazing?

(in case you're wondering, i found your blog through other garden blogs I read. I really like it!)


Iris said...

Thanks for the info and the compliment, Samantha! (Our last full day in France...)

vertie said...

Beautiful! I hope your trip has been fabulous.

Iris said...

Our trip was REALLY great--thanks!

Barbee' said...

Thanks for sharing these interesting photos and facts. Loved the irises growing on the thatched roof.