Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 29 house progress

Not that work has been actively performed every one of those 29 days, but it's been 29 days since the whole project started. The biggest carpentry work is almost completed! Crown moulding, trim work, and porch repairs comprise the bulk of the remaining carpentry. When that’s all finished, within ten days I think, the painters resume their work and we’ll get to see some real colors. Meanwhile, the awning covers have been ordered and the awning frames are being repainted.

Today back

Day 5 back

Today east side

Day 5 east side

Today west side

Day 5 west side


Annie in Austin said...

It already looks like a whole new house, Iris! Watching the transformation has probably been fun, but I'll bet after a month of it, you're looking forward to the whole project being finished.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

vertie said...

Looking good, Iris. The new siding really makes a difference. Can't wait to see the final colors.

Hope you dog is feeling okay.

Iris said...

Thanks y'all! I think it's finally in the home stretch.

Our dog is doing okay so far on her new meds. Keeping my fingers crossed that doesn't change.