Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fall vegetable garden update

Despite being so preoccupied lately with house renovations, I’ve managed to keep the veggies fairly happy. I just realized how far behind I’ve fallen on weeding, but I’ll catch up this week. The squirrels somehow got inside the dog fence and ate all the mesclun and buttercrunch lettuces, and now that bed’s covered in weeds. Weather permitting, I’ll weed that bed tomorrow and sow spinach seeds in the lettuces’ place. I’m puzzled but pleased they left the romaine, beets, and carrots alone. Especially the romaine because husband Kurt is a Caesar salad fiend.

The cilantro is still small but I've used the dill when cooking fish the past few weeks. The broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, arugula, and sorrel are all small but doing okay. We also had our first dinosaur kale harvest a few days ago and I sautéed it in a little clarified butter with shallots—nice!


vertie said...

Your dinosaur kale looks great! Last week, I sauteed some, put in on bread, and topped it with a poached egg.

Hope your house renovations end soon!

Iris said...

That sounds like a more interesting way to eat kale--thanks! House reno probably goes on for a few more weeks--the excitement wore off a little bit today, but I think I was just tired and will be enthusiastic again tomorrow!

TexasDeb said...

Your garden looks fabulous. I have to keep remembering to water ours. I got a later start than you and the squirrels have been wreaking havoc in several beds.

I haven't tried kale yet - next year!

Lancashire rose said...

Have not tried growing kale but I think I need to branch out. We are eating pak choi and chard nightly. Need a change.