Monday, November 17, 2008

Late garden bloggers’ bloom day

My list is a little late—Carol at May Dreams Gardens asks garden bloggers to post what they’ve got blooming on the 15th of every month.

Dwarf pomegranate

Rosemary with a little house paint dust in it


Society garlic

I can't remember what this little shrub with lots of burgundy leaves is, which is pretty embarrassing because it's a pet memorial plant.

Pansies in the vegetable garden

Mexican bush sage is a favorite for bees and butterflies.

Still hanging in there, especially after a thorough hand watering this morning that took a couple of hours, are Turk's Cap, Indigo spires salvia, pink skullcap, purple lantana and verbena, purple ruellia, and purple fountain grass.


Neleh said...

And the house???????????? Hello? Some of us are waiting to see the paint!!!!!!! Hope all is well with you. It's nuts and squirrels over here.

Iris said...

Hi Neleh!

I know, I know. The paint is still just primer. The carpenter's got a little over a week to go to finish, so the painters can't really do anything else until the carpentry's finished.

The awning frames were taken away to get painted, though, and the awning covers are being made right now!

Squirrels are still a pain here, too.

Neleh said...

OK, thanks for the explanation. I'll wait patiently.

Guess what? Juan de Honduras did a close examination of our front lawn after a particularly destructive night. Holes everywhere! It's not squirrels, or even my's ARMADILLOS. We are infested? with armadillos.

Annie in Austin said...

Happy late GBBD! Maybe it's a good thing that the lavender/purple shades predominate in your flower beds, Iris - the new paint will blend in better.
Your memorial plant could be a Loropetalum/Chinese fringe flower.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Iris said...

Yes, that's it, Annie--Loropetalum! I knew I'd recognize the name if I read/heard it. Thank you. Just looked it up, and I think we have the "Ruby" variety, a dwarf.

We bought it six years ago, before we got so into native and adapted natives.

Karla at The Garden Guide said...

Haven't stopped by to see what's going on for awhile. Glad to see the renovations are coming along...very exciting! Veggies are looking good. You inspired me to buy some society garlic the last time I caved and bought some plants at our local nursery. Have a great weekend!

Iris said...

Thanks, Karla. I hope to post some more house progress pics this weekend.

Flapjacks said...

gotta watch those pansies in the veggie garden...